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Conceptual art can be full of movement, reflexions, emotions.
Art made by Roger can merit Shanghai.
You can find this art in San Francisco.

Ethnical themes can merit Shanghai

There is no ethnical art found in Shanghai Just like in other great cities Berlin, Florence, London, Prague. The art of Shanghai can be enriched by the input of cultural ideas of ethnical (minority-) groups.

Less conceptual art

In comparison with Amsterdam (50%), Hong Kong (44%), Milan (33%) there is less conceptual art in Shanghai (26% of the artworks in public space).

Art in parks but less near buildings

70% of the artwork is in a spacieus context which invites contemplating the art. Only 14% is located near a building. ArtAtSite gives the advise to bring more artwork in contact with a building; to let art interact with a building.

Lack of information

It’s hard to find the details about the artist and the backgrounds of the artwork, just like it is in Hong Kong and Beijing.

Key-words of the projects in : ethnical, conceptual, critical, building.

17 pieces of art are chosen from Beijing, Berlin, Florence, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Milan, New York, San Francisco.

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