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Guangci, Xiang Jing Qu

Eternity of Art

Design Shanghai
Chinese sculptor duo Qu Guangci and Xiang Jing were invited by the Martel Art Fund to create an art installation for the launch of Design Shanghai. ‘The Eternity of Art’ perfectly emcompasses Silhouette’s minimalist design philosophy particularly recalling the Titan New Wave frames with their future oriented, fluently hidden technology.
Martell Cordon Bleu unveiled its centenary art exhibition at Guangzhou Citic Plaza on November 22nd, and Xiamen Wanda Plaza on December 21st, 2012, to mark Martell Cordon Bleu's hundredth anniversary. In honor of this auspicious occasion, the well-known Chinese sculptor couple, Qu Guangci and Xiang Jing, designed the space for the "The Eternity of Art" exhibition. This exhibition reflects the "Centenary" theme by showcasing the artwork of the top young artists from the "2012 Focus on Talents" program. This is the first exhibit hosted by Martell that presents unique, innovative art directly to the general public.
Back in 2012, the Martell Art Fund invited Chinese sculptural duet Qu Guangci and Xiang Jing to create the art installation entitled ‘the Eternity of Art’. Having drawn inspiration from the Martell Cordon Bleu Centenary in 2012, the art piece was designed in the shape of a horizontal infinite ∞ loop representing eternity whilst also echoing the artistic expression of ‘100’.The distinct presence of the artworks of the young artists at the Martell Centenary Art Installation Tour Exhibition created an abundance of artistic dialogue between the two generations of Chinese contemporary artists. In 2014, invited by Design Shanghai and Martell, the art piece was exhibited in Shanghai for the very first time.