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Omri, Julie Rotblatt Rotblatt

Battle for Harmony

Jackie Chan Film Gallery
The artists from The Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt-Amrany are proud to announce the official unveiling of their “Battle for Harmony” sculpture in bronze. This piece is a tribute to world-famous actor Jackie Chan, and is installed at the Jackie Chan Film Gallery in Shanghai, China. The unveiling took place Friday, November 8th on site at the Film Gallery, and the artists were present at the event. While the Amranys have several independent works on display internationally, this piece is their first installation in China. The team of artists who collaborated on the work includes Julie Rotblatt Amrany, Omri Amrany, and Itamar Amrany. The sculpture itself measures 9’ high by 8’ wide, and depicts Jackie Chan poised in a moment of confrontation with a large dragon, which is composed of different Kung Fu hand positions. These details in the sculpture serve as a metaphor representing the constant battle all humans face within to find harmony in a world of strife and violence. Plans for the sculpture transpired over a lengthy process that started in 2001, when the artists began conferring with Jackie regarding what he would like to see in a sculpture of himself. Along with the prevalent dragon symbolism in Chinese culture and Kung Fu forms that are infused, the concept of Jackie’s humanitarian efforts is signified by the way in which the two figures, Jackie and the dragon, form the shape of a heart. Jackie is an ambassador for the Red Cross and has done a tremendous amount of philanthropic work around the world, and so the Amranys have captured that element in the structure of this homage. “We are proud to finally unveil this significant piece at the Jackie Chan Film Gallery, in Shanghai, China. It is a monument to honor Jackie in all his philanthropic endeavors as well as his mastery of comedy, acting and the martial arts. It is a piece of art that captures the symbolism of ancient China. Therein lies a delicate balance within the Yin/ Yang of opposition,” Said Julie Rotblatt Amrany, designer and contributing artist on the “Battle for Harmony” sculpture.
Through the efforts of ArtNetworking, the sculpture "The Battle for Harmony" for famous film star Jackie Chan was commissioned by our famous American artists Omri Amrany and Julie Rotblatt Amrany is going to be unveiled at Jackie Chan Film Gallery on November 8, 2013. Mr. Jackie Chan and our artists will be there for the unveiling ceremony, and they will tell us some interesting stories about the concept and whole sculpturing process. This sculpture is a metaphor for how we all struggle as human beings to find balance and harmony in our daily lives. It can be a constant battle to achieve this in our world of strife, hunger, disease and violence. Jackie Chan is a master martial artist, comedian and actor. Not only has he achieved worldwide acclaim in his career, he is also a great philanthropist. This is what artists found in Jackie Chan as a Sifu in martial arts. He took the personalized subject matter to another level through dramatic comedy; bridging cultures worldwide through his movies. Jackie is fascinating to watch. He is a wonderful subject to sculpt for his facial expressions are unending and limitless and his body has the exploding energy which can yield sculptures so exciting.