Art at Site Tun Shang Hold It Gently

Tun Shang

Hold It Gently

Jing'an Sculpture Park
Shang Tun’s work forms a complicated system with rich metaphors and unconstrained imaginations. Basic commodities, such as lifebuoys, tissues and plastic stools, are recurring motifs of his work. These materials and their derived symbols have been translated into an artistic language with great expressiveness. All of Shang Tun’s art is drawn from his deep interest in the social and cultural entanglements of ordinary people and the stark reality of consumerized society in China. Since the early 90s China has become the world’s factory and exported a vast amount of cheap commodities to the world, but what lies behind this booming trade are the toiling workers and their sorry predicament. Living in such a contrasting reality, Shang Tun reveals the value orientation and troubles of Chinese society today through an art that is either metaphorical or straightforward.
The park was opened in 2007 and the sculpture exhibits began in 2010 in conjunction with the World Expo here in Shanghai that year. This outdoor museum is full of large scale sculptures and available for the bargain price of free!
Beautiful, family-friendly park in north Jing'an. Totally free to get in, and there's plenty to see. This is also the home of the Shanghai Natural History Museum, which opened in 2015.
Local residents come with young children and the elderly to play and rest in the park. Most mornings you will see this lady with her bag of goodies feeding all the well-fed stray cats. These stray cats came running to her when she placed food on the ground."