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Yu Jiyong

Stone Talk

Shanghai World Expo
“The sculpture has the elements of earth and metal,” said Bill Spence, Co-chair of the China Committee, Chicago Sister Cities International. “To me, it symbolizes a mix of the new and the old, a dramatic combination of the new China and the old cultural tradition that dates back to five thousand years. It’s a representation of modern China.”
“The sculpture has many features that will go well with this area,” Fogelson said. “It’s vertical, the tower of strength. It radiates the right, powerful feeling, and it’s welcoming.” He continues: “The sculpture symbolizes the relationship between China and the United States,” Fogelson continued. “We’d like to turn the Mark Twin Park at Indiana and 16th Streat in Central Station into a Chinese garden that will be designed to prominently feature the sculpture.”
Stone Talk, a sculpture of column made of stainless steel and granite, is the brain child of well-known artist, Yu Jiyong. It was one of the sculptures displayed at the Shanghai World Expo.
The City of Chicago has recently accepted a sculpture as a gift from Shanghai, one of its sister cities in China.

Twitter Chicagos Mayor:
Unveiling the new Stone Talk Statue (by artist Yu Jiyong) in front of the Ping Tom Park Field House this morning.